Herbert  C. Hoover

Early 1900's - Herbert C. Hoover

1919 – Herbert C. Hoover for his achievements as chairman, commission for relief of Belgium 1914-17 and food administrator of the United States 1917-18.
Robert W. Hunt

Early 1900's - Robert W. Hunt

1922 – Robert W. Hunt for his pioneer work in the development of the steel industry in the United States and for a life devoted to the advancement of the engineering profession.
Arthur N. Talbot

Early 1900's - Arthur N. Talbot

1924 – Arthur N. Talbot for his life work as student and teacher, investigator and writer and for his enduring contribution to the science of engineering.
Jonas Waldo Smith

Early 1900's - Jonas Waldo Smith

1925 – Jonas Waldo Smith for the rare combination of vision, technical skill, administrative ability and courageous leadership in engineering.
John Watson Alvord

Early 1900's - John Watson Alvord

1926 – John Watson Alvord for his pioneer work in developing the fundamental principles of public utility valuation and his marked contributions to sanitary science.
Orville Wright

Early 1900's - Orville Wright

1927 – Orville Wright for fundamental scientific research and resultant successful airplane flight.
Michael Idvorsky Pupin

Early 1900's - Michael Idvorsky Pupin

1928 – Michael Idvorsky Pupin for devotion to scientific research leading to his inventions which have materially aided the development of long distance telephone and radio broadcasting.
Bion Joseph Arnold

Early 1900's - Bion Joseph Arnold

1929 – Bion Joseph Arnold for pioneering work in the engineering and economics of electrical transportation.
Mortimer Elwyn Cooley

1930's - Mortimer Elwyn Cooley

1930 – Mortimer Elwyn Cooley for vision and constructive leadership in the education of the engineer.
Ralph Modjeski

1930's - Ralph Modjeski

1931 – Ralph Modjeski for his contribution to transportation through superior skill and courage in bridge design and construction.
William David Coolidge

1930's - William David Coolidge

1932 – William David Coolidge for his scientific spirit and achievement in developing ductile tungsten and the modern x-ray tube.
Ambrose Swasey

1930's - Ambrose Swasey

1935 – Ambrose Swasey for his distinguished contribution as a builder of instruments, institutions and men.
Charles Franklin Kettering

1930's - Charles Franklin Kettering

1936 – Charles Franklin Kettering for his high achievements in guiding industrial research toward the greater comfort, happiness and safety in the home and on the highway.
Frederick Gardner Cottrell

1930's - Frederick Gardner Cottrell

1937 – Frederick Gardner Cottrell for his social vision in dedicating, to the perpetuation of research, the rewards of his achievements in science and engineering.
Frank Baldwin Jewett

1930's - Frank Baldwin Jewett

1938 – Frank Baldwin Jewett for inspiring and directing scientific research leading to improvements in the art of communications.
Daniel Webster Mead

1930's - Daniel Webster Mead

1939 – Daniel Webster Mead for his superior contributions to sound theory, good practice and high ethical standards in the creation of engineering works, as an engineer and as a teacher.
Daniel Cowan Jackling

1940's - Daniel Cowan Jackling

1940 – Daniel Cowan Jackling for pioneering in a large-scale mining and treatment of low-grade copper ores, releasing vast resources from formerly worthless deposits.
Ralph Budd

1940's - Ralph Budd

1941 – Ralph Budd for vision and courageous leadership in advancing the technological fronties of high speed railroad transportation.
William Lamont Abbott

1940's - William Lamont Abbott

1942 – William Lamont Abbott for advancing the standards of the engineering profession and aiding combustion research.
Andrey Abraham Potter

1940's - Andrey Abraham Potter

1943 – Andrey Abraham Potter for distinguished leadership in engineering education and research and patriotic service in mobilizing technical knowledge for victory in war and peace.
Henry Ford

1940's - Henry Ford

1944 – Henry Ford for pioneer development of mass production of low cost automotive transportation which revolutionized the way of life.
Arthur Holly Compton

1940's - Arthur Holly Compton

1945 – Arthur Holly Compton for his research and teaching in the physical sciences, increasing knowledge of the action of x-rays and cosmic rays.
Vannevar Bush

1940's - Vannevar Bush

1946 – Vannevar Bush for outstanding leadership in organizing and directing scientific resources of the nation toward victory in World War II.
Karl Taylor Compton

1940's - Karl Taylor Compton

1947 – Karl Taylor Compton for progressive administration of engineering education, for leadership in research, and for advancement of American industry in technology.
Ralph Edward Flanders

1940's - Ralph Edward Flanders

1948 – Ralph Edward Flanders for highly technical skill in perfecting the tools of the industry and distinguished service in the field of human relationships.
John Lucian Savage

1940's - John Lucian Savage

1949 – John Lucian Savage for unselfish public service devoted to the creation of monumental hydraulic structures utilizing natural resources.
Wilfred Sykes

1950's - Wilfred Sykes

1950 – Wilfred Sykes for invention of electrical machines and steel processes for advances in industrial administration and cooperation for counsel to state and college.
Edwin Howard Armstrong

1950's - Edwin Howard Armstrong

1951 – Edwin Howard Armstrong for outstanding inventions basic to radio transmission and reception, and notable service to his country.
Henry Townley Heald

1950's - Henry Townley Heald

1952 – Henry Townley Heald for distinguished leadership in engineering education in industrial technology in scientific research and in civic affairs.
Gustav Egloff

1950's - Gustav Egloff

1953 – Gustav Egloff for distinguished leadership in petroleum research and development in professional activities and in community service.
Lillian Moller Gilbreth

1950's - Lillian Moller Gilbreth

1954 – Lillian Moller Gilbreth for her outstanding contributions to engineering and scientific management, for her unselfish devotion to the problems of the disabled.
Charles Erwin Wilson

1950's - Charles Erwin Wilson

1955 – Charles Erwin Wilson for significant leadership in engineering and management and for altruistic devotion to national defense.
Robert E. Wilson

1950's - Robert E. Wilson

1956 - Robert E. Wilson for unusual dedication of leadership through science and engineering to the advancement of research, industry, education and public affairs.
Walker Lee Cisler

1950's - Walker Lee Cisler

1957 – Walker Lee Cisler for outstanding and untiring service to his country by making the world a better place to live through electric power.
Ben Moreell

1950's - Ben Moreell

1958 – Ben Moreell for distinguished service as a skilled engineer, outstanding naval officer, industrialist, Christian layman and Hoover Commission associate.
James R. Killian, Jr.

1950's - James R. Killian, Jr.

1959 – James R. Killian, Jr. for exceptional leadership and achievement in scientific and technological education and distinguished service to his country.
Herbert Payne Sedwick

1960's - Herbert Payne Sedwick

1960 – Herbert Payne Sedwick for leadership and achievement in electric and gas utilities, for true service in educational and humanitarian fields, and for developing young engineers.
William V. Kahler

1960's - William V. Kahler

1961 – William V. Kahler for exceptional leadership in advancement of communications, for distinguished service in civic affairs and for aid to education and humanity.
Alexander C. Monteith

1960's - Alexander C. Monteith

1962 – Alexander C. Monteith for outstanding contributions in power generation and utilization and distinguished service to education and development.
Philip Sporn

1960's - Philip Sporn

1963 – Philip Sporn for pioneering leadership in the technology of power generation and distribution and for distinguished service to education and to his government.
John Slezak

1960's - John Slezak

1964 – John Slezak for inspiring leadership in the field of engineering management, for distinguished and dedicated service to education to the American way of life and his country.
Glenn Theodore Seaborg

1960's - Glenn Theodore Seaborg

1965 – Glenn Theodore Seaborg for leadership in scientific education and for inspiring and directing major developments in nuclear power for peaceful uses of the atom.
Augustus Braun Kinzel

1960's - Augustus Braun Kinzel

1966 – Augustus Braun Kinzel for advancing the role of the engineer in industry and education and developing the National Academy of Engineering.
Frederick Lawson Hovde

1960's - Frederick Lawson Hovde

1967 Frederick Lawson Hovde for his vision and leadership in coordinating the engineering and scientific resources of the nation with the national defense and for continuing contributions to engineering education.
James B. Fisk

1960's - James B. Fisk

1968 – James B. Fisk for distinguished leadership in the field of aerospace communications and for notable service to his country.
Nathan M. Newmark

1960's - Nathan M. Newmark

1969 – Nathan M. Newmark for specific contribution to the advancement of engineering knowledge of structures subjected to earthquake or blast and for inspiration to others in improving the environment.
H.G. Rickover

1970's - H.G. Rickover

1970 – H.G. Rickover for unique and determined leadership in the development and application of nuclear energy to ship propulsion and the generation of electricity; and for his zeal for excellence in higher education.
William L. Everitt

1970's - William L. Everitt

1971 – William L. Everitt for his exceptional leadership and innovation in engineering education, for distinguished contributions to science and the advancement of the engineering profession and meritorious service to society.
Thomas Otten Paine

1970's - Thomas Otten Paine

1972 – Thomas Otten Paine for his contribution to the advancement of human progress through the application of engineering, science and economics and his leadership of the Apollo program, and one of history’s greatest scientific engineering and exploration achievements.
John A. Volpe

1970's - John A. Volpe

1973 – John A. Volpe for outstanding service to his country as Governor and United States Cabinet Secretary and for his dedication, leadership and achievements in transportation.
John D. deButts

1970's - John D. deButts

1974 – John D. deButts for distinguished leadership in the advancement of American communications, a vital national resource.
David Packard

1970's - David Packard

1975 – David Packard for pioneering contributions to the electronics industry, dedicated service to our country, his community and higher education.
Ralph B. Peck

1970's - Ralph B. Peck

1976 – Ralph B. Peck for eminent international leadership in, and pioneering contributions to, soil mechanics and foundation engineering practice, education and research, and distinguished service to all people.
Michael Tenenbaum

1970's - Michael Tenenbaum

1977 – Michael Tenenbaum for distinguished achievements in the steel industry and dedicated service in the interests of the welfare of all.
Dixy Lee Ray

1970's - Dixy Lee Ray

1978 – Dixy Lee Ray in recognition of significant scientific accomplishments and dedicated service through education and government.
Marvin Camras

1970's - Marvin Camras

1979 – Marvin Camras, in recognition of significant engineering research and inventions in the field of electronic communications, which have added to human welfare and happiness.
Neil A. Armstrong

1980's - Neil A. Armstrong

1980 – Neil A. Armstrong for dedicated application of engineering principles to the expansion of man’s knowledge and horizons.
John E. Swearingen

1980's - John E. Swearingen

1981 – John E. Swearingen for farsighted petroleum industry leadership emphasizing domestic energy resource development and fostering opportunities for minority individuals and enterprises.
Manson Benedict

1980's - Manson Benedict

1982 – Manson Benedict for his key role in the development of technologies and educational programs for the safe and economic generation of electricity from nuclear fission.
John Bardeen

1980's - John Bardeen

1983 – John Bardeen for his outstanding engineering leadership in research and development in solid state and low temperature physics and for service to higher education and to our country.
Robert W. Galvin

1980's - Robert W. Galvin

1984- Robert W. Galvin for his commitment to excellence, vision, and leadership in the electronics industry, in the education of youth, and in the understanding private enterprise system.
Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.

1980's - Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.

1985 – Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr. for his skillful, foresighted and efficient leadership in construction and engineering worldwide and dedication to the engineering profession and education.
Mark Shepherd, Jr.

1980's - Mark Shepherd, Jr.

1986 – Mark Shepherd, Jr. for leading the development and mass production of transistors and integrated circuits and bringing to mankind the benefits to their many applications.
Grace Murray Hopper

1980's - Grace Murray Hopper

1987 – Grace Murray Hopper for her pioneering work in developing the first computer language, the first compiler, and the first language compiler, extending the benefits of the computer revolution to experts and lay persons alike.
James McDonald

1980's - James McDonald

1988 – James McDonald for his role in improving the quality of American products through advanced engineering technology.
Sherwood L. Fawcett

1980's - Sherwood L. Fawcett

1989 – Sherwood L. Fawcett for his outstanding work in applying science in the service of mankind and his many years of innovative contributions to industry, business, government and education.
John H. Sununu

1990's - John H. Sununu

1990- John H. Sununu for his contributions as an engineer, inventor, and educator as well as governor of New Hampshire and White House chief of staff.
Frank Borman

1990's - Frank Borman

1991 – Frank Borman for his lifelong commitment to aviation and space as commander of the Apollo mission that circled the moon and for his achievements as chairman of Eastern Airlines.
Leon M. Lederman

1990's - Leon M. Lederman

1992 – Leon M. Lederman for his contributions to the study of high energy physics.
William States Lee

1990's - William States Lee

1993 – William States Lee for his contributions to safe operations of nuclear power plants.
Kenneth H. Olson

1990's - Kenneth H. Olson

1994 – Kenneth H. Olson for his development of Digital Equipment Corporation into the world’s leading manufacturer of network computer systems and equipment.
George W. Housner

1990's - George W. Housner

1995 – George W. Housner for his leadership in promoting protection of life and property through rigorous seismology research and design applications of predicted structural response.
Wilson Greatbatch

1990's - Wilson Greatbatch

1996 – Wilson Greatbatch for his invention of the implantable cardiac pacemaker , which has conferred widespread benefit on humanity.
Frank Kreith

1990's - Frank Kreith

1997 – Frank Kreith for his inventions, research and applications of science to technology that serves humanity.
John R. Conrad

1990's - John R. Conrad

1998 – John R. Conrad for distinguished leadership in the electrical power industry and exceptional commitment to urban development.
Jack S. Kilby

1990's - Jack S. Kilby

1999 – Jack S. Kilby for his distinguished electronics career, including the invention of the monolithic integrated circuit which was the foundation for modern electrics.
Donna Shirley

2000's - Donna Shirley

2000 – Donna Shirley For her lifelong commitment to aerospace engineering and for her leadership as Manager of the Mars Exploration Program that resulted in successful missions to Mars with the landing of the Pathfinder and Sojourner Rover on the planet and the insertion into orbit of the Mars Global Surveyor.
Bob Frankston

2000's - Bob Frankston

2001 – Bob Frankston For his invention with Dan Bricklin of the first computer spreadsheet program, which led to the proliferation of the computer industry, which in turn led to the economic expansion of the late 20th century.
Dan Bricklin

2000's - Dan Bricklin

2001 – Dan Bricklin For his invention with Bob Frankston of the first computer spreadsheet program, which led to the proliferation of the computer industry, which in turn led to the economic expansion of the late 20th Century.
Richard J. Robbins

2000's - Richard J. Robbins

2002 – Richard J. Robbins For his innovation as the developer of the modern tunnel boring machine which has become the world-wide standard method of long rock tunnel excavation. The decrease in costs and danger of rock tunneling with this machine have led directly to a major increase in tunneling for the public good in transportation, sanitation, power and water supply throughout the world.
Eugene A. Cernan

2000's - Eugene A. Cernan

2003 – Eugene A. Cernan For demonstrating human’s capacity for space flight and performance on the moon, as well as contributing to mankind’s knowledge of the moon through invaluable research while on the lunar surface.
Nick Holonyak, Jr., PhD

2000's - Nick Holonyak, Jr., PhD

2004 – Nick Holonyak For his pioneering contributions to the development of power silicon electronics and invention of the first semi-conducting light-emitting diodes in a visible part of the spectrum.
Robert S. Langer

2000's - Robert S. Langer

2005 – Robert S. Langer For his extraordinary contributions to biomedical engineering and biomaterial design, including his pioneering work in the field of controlled drug release delivery systems, specifically for the treatment of cancer.
Henry Petroski

2000's - Henry Petroski

2006 – Henry Petroski For his accomplishments in writing which have made the practice of engineering understandable to the general public.
Michael J. Birck

2000's - Michael J. Birck

2007 – Michael J. Birck For his achievements and leadership in revolutionizing the telecommunications industry around the world. In addition, he is being recognized for contributions to engineering research, education and outreach through his involvement with universities, high schools, and museums.
Dean Kamen

2000's - Dean Kamen

2008 – Dean Kamen For his numerous contributions and innovations to society and for expanding the frontiers of healthcare worldwide. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, and a tireless advocate for science and technology.
Clyde N. Baker Jr.

2000's - Clyde N. Baker Jr.

2009 – Clyde N. Baker For his international reputation in the design and construction of deep foundations.
Dr. Alvy Ray  Smith

2010's - Dr. Alvy Ray Smith

2010 – Alvy Ray For recognition of his seminal contributions to computer color systems, the advancement of computer graphics, and fundamental changes in the motion picture and visual arts, and for use of engineering to enhance the enjoyment of life.
Dr. Martin C.  Jischke

2010's - Dr. Martin C. Jischke

2011 – Martin C. Jischke For his dedication and leadership at Purdue University and other academic institutions in promoting engineering research, institutional development and the pursuit of excellence in education.
Martin Cooper

2010's - Martin Cooper

2012 – Martin Cooper For contributions to the technology of personal wireless communications.
Kristina M. Johnson

2010's - Kristina M. Johnson

2013 – Kristina Johnson For her contributions in optics, engineering education, service as an Under Secretary in the Department of Energy, and her innovative leadership in energy.
William S. Nye

2010's - William S. Nye

2014 – William Nye For fostering a scientifically literate society, to help people everywhere understand and appreciate the science that makes our world work.
Dr. Bernard Amadei, PhD, NAE

2010's - Dr. Bernard Amadei, PhD, NAE

2015 – Bernard Amadei For engineering a better world, one well, one bridge, one community at a time.
Dr. Aprille Joy Ericsson

2010's - Dr. Aprille Joy Ericsson

2016 - Dr. Aprille Joy Ericsson for creating Space orbiting systems to enhance Science knowledge for the betterment of mankind and for human exploration.
 Charles W. Hull

2010's - Charles W. Hull

2017 - Mr. Charles W. Hull for his invention of stereolithography and its endless applications toward the betterment of society.
Ivan Sutherland

2010's - Ivan Sutherland

2018 – Dr. Ivan Sutherland – For his Pioneering efforts in the computer graphics revolution that led the way to today’s “Virtual Reality” world.
Margaret Hamilton

2010's,2000's - Margaret Hamilton

2019 - Margaret Hamilton - "She in fact is the person who came up with the idea of naming the discipline, software engineering, as a way of giving it legitimacy" . Nenad Medvidovic
Richard Berger

2020's - Richard Berger

2020 - Dr. Richard Berger -For merging his medical and mechanical engineering talents together he pioneered new “minimal invasive” surgery procedures
John Goodenough

2020's - John Goodenough

2021 - Dr. John Goodenough - His discoveries in the world of materials has catapulted batteries to be everywhere in every part of one's life!
John Rogers

2020's - John Rogers

2022 - Dr. John Rogers - For his technology achievements through principles that unscramble humanity's medical challenges.
Gwynne Shotwell

2020's - Gwynne Shotwell

2023 - Gwynne Shotwell - for her leading role spear-heading private enterprise space exploration