Donna Shirley

2000's - Donna Shirley

2000 – Donna Shirley For her lifelong commitment to aerospace engineering and for her leadership as Manager of the Mars Exploration Program that resulted in successful missions to Mars with the landing of the Pathfinder and Sojourner Rover on the planet and the insertion into orbit of the Mars Global Surveyor.
Bob Frankston

2000's - Bob Frankston

2001 – Bob Frankston For his invention with Dan Bricklin of the first computer spreadsheet program, which led to the proliferation of the computer industry, which in turn led to the economic expansion of the late 20th century.
Dan Bricklin

2000's - Dan Bricklin

2001 – Dan Bricklin For his invention with Bob Frankston of the first computer spreadsheet program, which led to the proliferation of the computer industry, which in turn led to the economic expansion of the late 20th Century.
Richard J. Robbins

2000's - Richard J. Robbins

2002 – Richard J. Robbins For his innovation as the developer of the modern tunnel boring machine which has become the world-wide standard method of long rock tunnel excavation. The decrease in costs and danger of rock tunneling with this machine have led directly to a major increase in tunneling for the public good in transportation, sanitation, power and water supply throughout the world.
Eugene A. Cernan

2000's - Eugene A. Cernan

2003 – Eugene A. Cernan For demonstrating human’s capacity for space flight and performance on the moon, as well as contributing to mankind’s knowledge of the moon through invaluable research while on the lunar surface.
Nick Holonyak, Jr., PhD

2000's - Nick Holonyak, Jr., PhD

2004 – Nick Holonyak For his pioneering contributions to the development of power silicon electronics and invention of the first semi-conducting light-emitting diodes in a visible part of the spectrum.
Robert S. Langer

2000's - Robert S. Langer

2005 – Robert S. Langer For his extraordinary contributions to biomedical engineering and biomaterial design, including his pioneering work in the field of controlled drug release delivery systems, specifically for the treatment of cancer.
Henry Petroski

2000's - Henry Petroski

2006 – Henry Petroski For his accomplishments in writing which have made the practice of engineering understandable to the general public.
Michael J. Birck

2000's - Michael J. Birck

2007 – Michael J. Birck For his achievements and leadership in revolutionizing the telecommunications industry around the world. In addition, he is being recognized for contributions to engineering research, education and outreach through his involvement with universities, high schools, and museums.
Dean Kamen

2000's - Dean Kamen

2008 – Dean Kamen For his numerous contributions and innovations to society and for expanding the frontiers of healthcare worldwide. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, and a tireless advocate for science and technology.
Clyde N. Baker Jr.

2000's - Clyde N. Baker Jr.

2009 – Clyde N. Baker For his international reputation in the design and construction of deep foundations.
Margaret Hamilton

2010's,2000's - Margaret Hamilton

2019 - Margaret Hamilton - "She in fact is the person who came up with the idea of naming the discipline, software engineering, as a way of giving it legitimacy" . Nenad Medvidovic