Neil A. Armstrong

1980's - Neil A. Armstrong

1980 – Neil A. Armstrong for dedicated application of engineering principles to the expansion of man’s knowledge and horizons.
John E. Swearingen

1980's - John E. Swearingen

1981 – John E. Swearingen for farsighted petroleum industry leadership emphasizing domestic energy resource development and fostering opportunities for minority individuals and enterprises.
Manson Benedict

1980's - Manson Benedict

1982 – Manson Benedict for his key role in the development of technologies and educational programs for the safe and economic generation of electricity from nuclear fission.
John Bardeen

1980's - John Bardeen

1983 – John Bardeen for his outstanding engineering leadership in research and development in solid state and low temperature physics and for service to higher education and to our country.
Robert W. Galvin

1980's - Robert W. Galvin

1984- Robert W. Galvin for his commitment to excellence, vision, and leadership in the electronics industry, in the education of youth, and in the understanding private enterprise system.
Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.

1980's - Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.

1985 – Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr. for his skillful, foresighted and efficient leadership in construction and engineering worldwide and dedication to the engineering profession and education.
Mark Shepherd, Jr.

1980's - Mark Shepherd, Jr.

1986 – Mark Shepherd, Jr. for leading the development and mass production of transistors and integrated circuits and bringing to mankind the benefits to their many applications.
Grace Murray Hopper

1980's - Grace Murray Hopper

1987 – Grace Murray Hopper for her pioneering work in developing the first computer language, the first compiler, and the first language compiler, extending the benefits of the computer revolution to experts and lay persons alike.
James McDonald

1980's - James McDonald

1988 – James McDonald for his role in improving the quality of American products through advanced engineering technology.
Sherwood L. Fawcett

1980's - Sherwood L. Fawcett

1989 – Sherwood L. Fawcett for his outstanding work in applying science in the service of mankind and his many years of innovative contributions to industry, business, government and education.