Herbert  C. Hoover

Early 1900's - Herbert C. Hoover

1919 – Herbert C. Hoover for his achievements as chairman, commission for relief of Belgium 1914-17 and food administrator of the United States 1917-18.
Robert W. Hunt

Early 1900's - Robert W. Hunt

1922 – Robert W. Hunt for his pioneer work in the development of the steel industry in the United States and for a life devoted to the advancement of the engineering profession.
Arthur N. Talbot

Early 1900's - Arthur N. Talbot

1924 – Arthur N. Talbot for his life work as student and teacher, investigator and writer and for his enduring contribution to the science of engineering.
Jonas Waldo Smith

Early 1900's - Jonas Waldo Smith

1925 – Jonas Waldo Smith for the rare combination of vision, technical skill, administrative ability and courageous leadership in engineering.
John Watson Alvord

Early 1900's - John Watson Alvord

1926 – John Watson Alvord for his pioneer work in developing the fundamental principles of public utility valuation and his marked contributions to sanitary science.
Orville Wright

Early 1900's - Orville Wright

1927 – Orville Wright for fundamental scientific research and resultant successful airplane flight.
Michael Idvorsky Pupin

Early 1900's - Michael Idvorsky Pupin

1928 – Michael Idvorsky Pupin for devotion to scientific research leading to his inventions which have materially aided the development of long distance telephone and radio broadcasting.
Bion Joseph Arnold

Early 1900's - Bion Joseph Arnold

1929 – Bion Joseph Arnold for pioneering work in the engineering and economics of electrical transportation.