John H. Sununu

1990's - John H. Sununu

1990- John H. Sununu for his contributions as an engineer, inventor, and educator as well as governor of New Hampshire and White House chief of staff.
Frank Borman

1990's - Frank Borman

1991 – Frank Borman for his lifelong commitment to aviation and space as commander of the Apollo mission that circled the moon and for his achievements as chairman of Eastern Airlines.
Leon M. Lederman

1990's - Leon M. Lederman

1992 – Leon M. Lederman for his contributions to the study of high energy physics.
William States Lee

1990's - William States Lee

1993 – William States Lee for his contributions to safe operations of nuclear power plants.
Kenneth H. Olson

1990's - Kenneth H. Olson

1994 – Kenneth H. Olson for his development of Digital Equipment Corporation into the world’s leading manufacturer of network computer systems and equipment.
George W. Housner

1990's - George W. Housner

1995 – George W. Housner for his leadership in promoting protection of life and property through rigorous seismology research and design applications of predicted structural response.
Wilson Greatbatch

1990's - Wilson Greatbatch

1996 – Wilson Greatbatch for his invention of the implantable cardiac pacemaker , which has conferred widespread benefit on humanity.
Frank Kreith

1990's - Frank Kreith

1997 – Frank Kreith for his inventions, research and applications of science to technology that serves humanity.
John R. Conrad

1990's - John R. Conrad

1998 – John R. Conrad for distinguished leadership in the electrical power industry and exceptional commitment to urban development.
Jack S. Kilby

1990's - Jack S. Kilby

1999 – Jack S. Kilby for his distinguished electronics career, including the invention of the monolithic integrated circuit which was the foundation for modern electrics.