Herbert Payne Sedwick

1960's - Herbert Payne Sedwick

1960 – Herbert Payne Sedwick for leadership and achievement in electric and gas utilities, for true service in educational and humanitarian fields, and for developing young engineers.
William V. Kahler

1960's - William V. Kahler

1961 – William V. Kahler for exceptional leadership in advancement of communications, for distinguished service in civic affairs and for aid to education and humanity.
Alexander C. Monteith

1960's - Alexander C. Monteith

1962 – Alexander C. Monteith for outstanding contributions in power generation and utilization and distinguished service to education and development.
Philip Sporn

1960's - Philip Sporn

1963 – Philip Sporn for pioneering leadership in the technology of power generation and distribution and for distinguished service to education and to his government.
John Slezak

1960's - John Slezak

1964 – John Slezak for inspiring leadership in the field of engineering management, for distinguished and dedicated service to education to the American way of life and his country.
Glenn Theodore Seaborg

1960's - Glenn Theodore Seaborg

1965 – Glenn Theodore Seaborg for leadership in scientific education and for inspiring and directing major developments in nuclear power for peaceful uses of the atom.
Augustus Braun Kinzel

1960's - Augustus Braun Kinzel

1966 – Augustus Braun Kinzel for advancing the role of the engineer in industry and education and developing the National Academy of Engineering.
Frederick Lawson Hovde

1960's - Frederick Lawson Hovde

1967 Frederick Lawson Hovde for his vision and leadership in coordinating the engineering and scientific resources of the nation with the national defense and for continuing contributions to engineering education.
James B. Fisk

1960's - James B. Fisk

1968 – James B. Fisk for distinguished leadership in the field of aerospace communications and for notable service to his country.
Nathan M. Newmark

1960's - Nathan M. Newmark

1969 – Nathan M. Newmark for specific contribution to the advancement of engineering knowledge of structures subjected to earthquake or blast and for inspiration to others in improving the environment.