Daniel Cowan Jackling

1940's - Daniel Cowan Jackling

1940 – Daniel Cowan Jackling for pioneering in a large-scale mining and treatment of low-grade copper ores, releasing vast resources from formerly worthless deposits.
Ralph Budd

1940's - Ralph Budd

1941 – Ralph Budd for vision and courageous leadership in advancing the technological fronties of high speed railroad transportation.
William Lamont Abbott

1940's - William Lamont Abbott

1942 – William Lamont Abbott for advancing the standards of the engineering profession and aiding combustion research.
Andrey Abraham Potter

1940's - Andrey Abraham Potter

1943 – Andrey Abraham Potter for distinguished leadership in engineering education and research and patriotic service in mobilizing technical knowledge for victory in war and peace.
Henry Ford

1940's - Henry Ford

1944 – Henry Ford for pioneer development of mass production of low cost automotive transportation which revolutionized the way of life.
Arthur Holly Compton

1940's - Arthur Holly Compton

1945 – Arthur Holly Compton for his research and teaching in the physical sciences, increasing knowledge of the action of x-rays and cosmic rays.
Vannevar Bush

1940's - Vannevar Bush

1946 – Vannevar Bush for outstanding leadership in organizing and directing scientific resources of the nation toward victory in World War II.
Karl Taylor Compton

1940's - Karl Taylor Compton

1947 – Karl Taylor Compton for progressive administration of engineering education, for leadership in research, and for advancement of American industry in technology.
Ralph Edward Flanders

1940's - Ralph Edward Flanders

1948 – Ralph Edward Flanders for highly technical skill in perfecting the tools of the industry and distinguished service in the field of human relationships.
John Lucian Savage

1940's - John Lucian Savage

1949 – John Lucian Savage for unselfish public service devoted to the creation of monumental hydraulic structures utilizing natural resources.