H.G. Rickover

1970's - H.G. Rickover

1970 – H.G. Rickover for unique and determined leadership in the development and application of nuclear energy to ship propulsion and the generation of electricity; and for his zeal for excellence in higher education.
William L. Everitt

1970's - William L. Everitt

1971 – William L. Everitt for his exceptional leadership and innovation in engineering education, for distinguished contributions to science and the advancement of the engineering profession and meritorious service to society.
Thomas Otten Paine

1970's - Thomas Otten Paine

1972 – Thomas Otten Paine for his contribution to the advancement of human progress through the application of engineering, science and economics and his leadership of the Apollo program, and one of history’s greatest scientific engineering and exploration achievements.
John A. Volpe

1970's - John A. Volpe

1973 – John A. Volpe for outstanding service to his country as Governor and United States Cabinet Secretary and for his dedication, leadership and achievements in transportation.
John D. deButts

1970's - John D. deButts

1974 – John D. deButts for distinguished leadership in the advancement of American communications, a vital national resource.
David Packard

1970's - David Packard

1975 – David Packard for pioneering contributions to the electronics industry, dedicated service to our country, his community and higher education.
Ralph B. Peck

1970's - Ralph B. Peck

1976 – Ralph B. Peck for eminent international leadership in, and pioneering contributions to, soil mechanics and foundation engineering practice, education and research, and distinguished service to all people.
Michael Tenenbaum

1970's - Michael Tenenbaum

1977 – Michael Tenenbaum for distinguished achievements in the steel industry and dedicated service in the interests of the welfare of all.
Dixy Lee Ray

1970's - Dixy Lee Ray

1978 – Dixy Lee Ray in recognition of significant scientific accomplishments and dedicated service through education and government.
Marvin Camras

1970's - Marvin Camras

1979 – Marvin Camras, in recognition of significant engineering research and inventions in the field of electronic communications, which have added to human welfare and happiness.