Wilfred Sykes

1950's - Wilfred Sykes

1950 – Wilfred Sykes for invention of electrical machines and steel processes for advances in industrial administration and cooperation for counsel to state and college.
Edwin Howard Armstrong

1950's - Edwin Howard Armstrong

1951 – Edwin Howard Armstrong for outstanding inventions basic to radio transmission and reception, and notable service to his country.
Henry Townley Heald

1950's - Henry Townley Heald

1952 – Henry Townley Heald for distinguished leadership in engineering education in industrial technology in scientific research and in civic affairs.
Gustav Egloff

1950's - Gustav Egloff

1953 – Gustav Egloff for distinguished leadership in petroleum research and development in professional activities and in community service.
Lillian Moller Gilbreth

1950's - Lillian Moller Gilbreth

1954 – Lillian Moller Gilbreth for her outstanding contributions to engineering and scientific management, for her unselfish devotion to the problems of the disabled.
Charles Erwin Wilson

1950's - Charles Erwin Wilson

1955 – Charles Erwin Wilson for significant leadership in engineering and management and for altruistic devotion to national defense.
Robert E. Wilson

1950's - Robert E. Wilson

1956 - Robert E. Wilson for unusual dedication of leadership through science and engineering to the advancement of research, industry, education and public affairs.
Walker Lee Cisler

1950's - Walker Lee Cisler

1957 – Walker Lee Cisler for outstanding and untiring service to his country by making the world a better place to live through electric power.
Ben Moreell

1950's - Ben Moreell

1958 – Ben Moreell for distinguished service as a skilled engineer, outstanding naval officer, industrialist, Christian layman and Hoover Commission associate.
James R. Killian, Jr.

1950's - James R. Killian, Jr.

1959 – James R. Killian, Jr. for exceptional leadership and achievement in scientific and technological education and distinguished service to his country.