Dr. Alvy Ray  Smith

2010's - Dr. Alvy Ray Smith

2010 – Alvy Ray For recognition of his seminal contributions to computer color systems, the advancement of computer graphics, and fundamental changes in the motion picture and visual arts, and for use of engineering to enhance the enjoyment of life.
Dr. Martin C.  Jischke

2010's - Dr. Martin C. Jischke

2011 – Martin C. Jischke For his dedication and leadership at Purdue University and other academic institutions in promoting engineering research, institutional development and the pursuit of excellence in education.
Martin Cooper

2010's - Martin Cooper

2012 – Martin Cooper For contributions to the technology of personal wireless communications.
Kristina M. Johnson

2010's - Kristina M. Johnson

2013 – Kristina Johnson For her contributions in optics, engineering education, service as an Under Secretary in the Department of Energy, and her innovative leadership in energy.
William S. Nye

2010's - William S. Nye

2014 – William Nye For fostering a scientifically literate society, to help people everywhere understand and appreciate the science that makes our world work.
Dr. Bernard Amadei, PhD, NAE

2010's - Dr. Bernard Amadei, PhD, NAE

2015 – Bernard Amadei For engineering a better world, one well, one bridge, one community at a time.
Dr. Aprille Joy Ericsson

2010's - Dr. Aprille Joy Ericsson

2016 - Dr. Aprille Joy Ericsson for creating Space orbiting systems to enhance Science knowledge for the betterment of mankind and for human exploration.
 Charles W. Hull

2010's - Charles W. Hull

2017 - Mr. Charles W. Hull for his invention of stereolithography and its endless applications toward the betterment of society.
Ivan Sutherland

2010's - Ivan Sutherland

2018 – Dr. Ivan Sutherland – For his Pioneering efforts in the computer graphics revolution that led the way to today’s “Virtual Reality” world.
Margaret Hamilton

2010's,2000's - Margaret Hamilton

2019 - Margaret Hamilton - "She in fact is the person who came up with the idea of naming the discipline, software engineering, as a way of giving it legitimacy" . Nenad Medvidovic