Mortimer Elwyn Cooley

1930's - Mortimer Elwyn Cooley

1930 – Mortimer Elwyn Cooley for vision and constructive leadership in the education of the engineer.
Ralph Modjeski

1930's - Ralph Modjeski

1931 – Ralph Modjeski for his contribution to transportation through superior skill and courage in bridge design and construction.
William David Coolidge

1930's - William David Coolidge

1932 – William David Coolidge for his scientific spirit and achievement in developing ductile tungsten and the modern x-ray tube.
Ambrose Swasey

1930's - Ambrose Swasey

1935 – Ambrose Swasey for his distinguished contribution as a builder of instruments, institutions and men.
Charles Franklin Kettering

1930's - Charles Franklin Kettering

1936 – Charles Franklin Kettering for his high achievements in guiding industrial research toward the greater comfort, happiness and safety in the home and on the highway.
Frederick Gardner Cottrell

1930's - Frederick Gardner Cottrell

1937 – Frederick Gardner Cottrell for his social vision in dedicating, to the perpetuation of research, the rewards of his achievements in science and engineering.
Frank Baldwin Jewett

1930's - Frank Baldwin Jewett

1938 – Frank Baldwin Jewett for inspiring and directing scientific research leading to improvements in the art of communications.
Daniel Webster Mead

1930's - Daniel Webster Mead

1939 – Daniel Webster Mead for his superior contributions to sound theory, good practice and high ethical standards in the creation of engineering works, as an engineer and as a teacher.