About Engineers Week

Founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers, Engineers Week is the culmination of a year-round portfolio of student programs and competitions. E-Week is celebrated the week of Washington's birthday in honor of the first president's background as an engineer and land surveyor. Through increased interest and competency among students in the pursuit of engineering and technology careers, a more empowered well-educated engineering workforce is sustained.

The National Engineers Week Foundation, now Discover E, is dedicated to promoting pre-college literacy in math and science among parents, educators and students. The goal of E-Week is to:

  • Celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world
  • Increase public dialogue about the need for engineers
  • Bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents

Participation has expanded over the years through a coalition of professional societies, corporations and government agencies. More than a week-long event, Engineers Week is commitment to making a difference year-round.