Cornerstone_TruckWith active projects across the country and bidding work in all 50 states, Cornerstone Contracting has spent the past years aggressively finishing projects on time and building relationships across the country.  A relative newcomer to the construction scene – in name only – the company has deep roots in the industry and a staff of highly-experienced professionals guiding every project.

Originally known as Broadway Construction, a general contracting company started in the mid-90s by industry veteran John Oehler, he partnered with longtime business associate, Chris Blake, and renamed the company Cornerstone Contracting. Together they set out to re-invigorate the brand. Placing an emphasis on performance and customer service, Cornerstone quickly established a reputation for delivering superior results on time and on budget.

In a short time Cornerstone built strong relationships throughout the industry, establishing teaming partnerships with a number of like-focused companies and maintaining those relationships today. Not seeking to become the industry’s biggest company, Cornerstone remains squarely intent on simply providing the best service for each client with whom they work.

From its corporate offices to every single job site, Cornerstone Contracting is led by knowledgeable professionals with in-depth experience across a diverse field of disciplines. Cornerstone Contracting personnel have been involved in and/or led a wide variety of projects including, but not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports and transportation centers
  • Water treatment plants
  • Campgrounds & Recreation
  • and many more

This broad project history enables Cornerstone to provide valuable expertise to every job.
To date Cornerstone Contracting continues placing a tremendous emphasis on relationship building and overall project performance, in what they believe separates them from the competition. We encourage you to review the company’s portfolio provided on this site, and Contact Us to learn how your project will benefit from Cornerstone Contracting’s experience and passion for performance.